People & Culture

Life at Telenor Asia

Telenor Asia believes in the continuous growth of our employees by creating a work environment that is collaborative, transparent, inclusive,inspirational and fun. Our employees are empowered knowing that they are part of something bigger, with freedom and flexibility to build their own journeys. The Telenor culture binds us together as one company across all the societies we serve.

Across all our companies we offer extensive learning & development programmes, ample career growth opportunities and foster mobility experiences for our employees. We believe a diverse and progressive workforce best serves our customers and stakeholders.


percent of employees are proud to work for the company, across all of Telenor Asia’s operating companies (2023)


percent of employees find their work meaningful, across all of Telenor Asia’s operating companies (2023)


participants in expert and leadership trainings per year


average number of hours spent on training per employee per year


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We are always pushing the boundaries of the work experience. Our organisation is agile and flat, and our workforce is dynamic. We have consistently been in the forefront of how to design organisations, teams, offices and our way of work. Our inclusive workforce reflects the diversity in our markets and value chain. It also means we have many different perspectives, enabling us to understand and better serve our customers and stakeholders.


Key to our success in the region has been our commitment to responsible business. Similarly, we go to great lengths to ensure responsible employer practices. We want all employees to do their work in a responsible, sustainable and respectful manner. In addition to our company purpose and behaviours, everyone working with or for Telenor are required to commit to, abide by and annually renew their commitment on our Code of Conduct. The code guides our employees through day-to-day dilemmas and is the basis for how we should behave and do our work with integrity.


We are part of a larger organisation with many opportunities for growth and development across departments, teams, and markets. We celebrate everyone’s growth and unique strengths, and we prioritise creating internal career opportunities for our employees and invest in building knowledge. At Telenor Asia, you can expect extensive offering of physical and online training, custom-made expert and leadership trainings as well as a dedicated time for learning and upskilling each year. We do this to grow the next generation of leaders and experts.