Our Growth Strategy

Our Growth Strategy

In October 2022, Telenor Asia took on full oversight and responsibility for the company’s operations in Bangladesh, Malaysia, Pakistan and Thailand from its headquarters in Singapore.

Having completed two major mergers in Thailand and Malaysia in 2023, we have created local digital champions with leading market positions in three markets. As Asia rapidly transforms with exponential data usage growth, billions of connected devices, and the rise of new technologies such as 5G and AI, Telenor Asia aims to use new levers such as scale, delayering and partnerships to optimise and grow our portfolio while rewriting the value creation formula of telcos.

Telenor Asia is well positioned to lead our operating companies towards maximum impact and value. As a value-adding telco owner, Telenor Asia’s model enables our companies to make decisions faster and closer to the customer, governed by strong boards that set clear expectations and hold our companies accountable for their performance, efficiency, way of work and responsible business practices.

Each market has dedicated investment management teams who actively engage with the companies and local partners, and represent Telenor’s interests on the local boards. They are supported by expert teams in finance, operations, risk management, governance, leadership and culture and responsible business in the Singapore headquarters. Hear from these Telenor game changers on how these new levers and critical competences will reinvent the way telco companies can better serve consumers, enterprises and governments across Asia to lead better digital lives.

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