DTW Asia 2023: Unlocking growth opportunities in Asia

DTW Asia 2023: Unlocking growth opportunities in Asia

Jørgen Rostrup, EVP & Head of Telenor Asia joined the opening headliners of TM Forum’s Digital Transformation World (DTW) Asia 2023 in Bangkok.

Speaking on stage alongside Aayush Bhatnagar, SVP at Jio, Vikram Sinha, CEO of Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison and Steffen Roehn of Bain & Co, the panel discussion explored what we can do as an industry to reignite growth.

Jørgen expanded on the idea that new thinking is required to explore and create value in our industry. A merger creates a sort-of mini-crisis which can present opportunities for innovation and accelerate transformation. So, drawing on Telenor Asia’s experience building local champions in Malaysia and Thailand, Jørgen discussed the bigger purpose of these mergers.

His main takeaway was that Telenor Asia’s two mega-mergers achieved scale, which makes our companies future-fit. By bringing together the best of two companies, they are better positioned to drive national digital ambitions forward, take bigger bets in the market, and keep pace with increasing digital demands.

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